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Tykhe (Ancient Greek: Τυχη) is the blind goddess of luck, fortune, chance, providence, and fate. Tykhe was also one of the earlier Okeanides she is numbered among the Titanesses.



  • Tyche was sometimes depicted with a rudder. While holding this she was conceived as the divinity guiding and conducting the affairs of the world.
  • With a ball she conceived the varying unsteadiness of fortune. That fortune can go any way like a ball.
  • With the horn of Amalthea, she was conceived as the many gifts of fortune.
  • She also was seen wearing a mural crown.
  • She is sometimes depicted holding Demeter's son Ploutos

Other Names[]

  • Fortuna, in Roman Mythology.


  • Tyche was considered the good, Eris the bad, and Nemesis the force that balances them.
  • Tykhe is often shown sitting with a river god swimming at her feet (the god shown varies)