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Rhea cronos

Rhea giving Kronos a stone wrapped in a blanket to swallow

In the Greek mythology, the Titans were a race of powerful giant deities (bigger than the gods who would replace them) that ruled during the legendary and long Golden Age. Their role as Elder gods being overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians (led by Zeus), effected a mythological paradigm shift that the Greeks borrowed from the Ancient Near East.

There are twelve Titans: six male Titans and six females Titans, known as the Titanesses. The Titans were associated with various primal concepts, some of which are simply extrapolated from their names: ocean and fruitful earth, sun and moon, memory and natural law. The twelve Titans were ruled by the youngest, Cronus, who overthrew their father, Uranus, to appease their mother, Gaia.

The Titans preceded the Twelve Olympians, who, led by Zeus, eventually overthrew them in the Titanomachy. The Titans were imprisoned in Tartaros, the deepest part of the underworld (ruled by Hades), with the few exceptions (such as Oceanos), most being those who did not fight against Kronos.

List of 1st Generation Titans (Titanes)[]


  • Oceanus: "The Quiet" Ruler of the World encircling River, God of the Ocean, Water and Water Bodies, Overseer of the rising and setting of Heavenly Bodies
  • Hyperion: "The High One", Ruler of the Eastern region of the World, God of Light, Fire, the Sun, Sight, the Moon and the Dawn, Master of Day and Night.
  • Krios: "The Ram", Ruler of the Southern region of the World, God of the Stars, Constellations and the Winds, Regulator of the Seasons.
  • Koios: "The Questioner", Ruler of the Northern Region of the World, God of Clairvoyance, Prophecy, Foresight and Intelligence, Measured Time, Presumably ruled cold regions
  • Iapetos: "The Piercer", Ruler of the Western region of the World, God of Mortality, Lifespan and Death, Presumably ruled the Underworld before Hades, Ancestor of Humans
  • Cronus: "The Crooked One", Ruler of the entire World, God of Destructive Time, Harvest, Justice, Fate and Evil, Ancestor of the Gods, Father of the Elder Olympians, King of the Titans.

List of 1st Generation Titanides[]

  • Mnemosyne: Goddess of Memory and Scripts, Mother of the Muses by Zeus
  • Tethys: Goddess of the Sea and Water, Mother of the Oceanids by Oceanus
  • Theia: Goddess of Sight and Luster, Mother of Helios, Selene and Eos by Hyperion
  • Phoibe: Goddess of Mystery and Prophecy, Consort of Koios. First patron deity of Delphi.
  • Rhea: Goddess of Fertility, Plants, Motherhood and Generation, Queen of the Titans, Consort of Kronos, Mother of the six Elder Olympians
  • Themis: Goddess of Justice and Divine Law, Consort of Zeus.

2nd Generation[]

Children of Oceanus

  • Oceanids: Water Nymphs
  • Potamoi: River Gods

Children of Hyperion

Children of Koios

Children of Iapetos

  • Atlas: God of Endurance. The strongest and the second most powerful Titan
  • Prometheus: God of Forethought and Crafty Counsel. Creator of Humankind
  • Epimetheus: God of Afterthought. Creator of Animals
  • Menoitios: God of Violence
  • Ankhiale: Goddess of Fire

Children of Krios

  • Astraios: God of Astrology. Father of the four Winds
  • Pallas: God of Warfare
  • Perses: God of Destruction (Small Scale)