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Taurus is the second Zodiac Sign.


Taurus was said to be the Zeus in the form of a bull when he carried off Europa or the Cretan Bull.

The Cretan Bull was a bull that Poseidon sent to King Minos as a sign and Minos promised Poseidon that he would sacrifice the same bull. When Poseidon sent him the bull, Minos didn't fulfill his part of the deal to sacrifice it. Instead he left to roam in the wild. Poseidon saw this and was very angered. He made the bull mad and he made Minos' wife, Pasiphae, to fall in love with the bull. The result was the Minotaur.

The bull that carried Europa off was Zeus in disguised. Europa was afraid to approach the bull at first with her handmaidens, but then she approached it with no fear. She and her handmaidens wove a crown of flowers for the bull. When Europa got onto the bull, it carried her away. It was later revealed to be Zeus. Europa and Zeus had three children, Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Sarpedon. The Sarpedon in this myth was not the same Sarpedon who fought in the Trojan War on the Trojans' side.


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