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Ouranus (Ουρανος) or Uranus was the progenitor and personification of the sky and son/husband of Gaea. His Roman name is Caelus, while his Mesopotamian name is Anu.


Early History[]

Ouranus was the child of Gaea or of Gaea and Aether. When he was born, the sky and heavens blossomed. Gaea and Uranus existed together, and married. They had children in batches; other Protogenoi, twelve titans, three Hekatonkheires, and three elder cyclopes.

Rule and Demise[]

Uranus was a hard ruler, and threw his monster children - the Hekatoncheires and Cyclops - into Tartarus. Gaea did not like this, so she fashioned a sickle out of the hardest of flint. She went to her titan children, and told them to slay their father. None but the youngest, and most powerful, took the sickle. This was Chronus. Chronus had sliced his father into a thousands of pieces, and tossed the remains into the ocean and Tartarus, guarded by Pontus and Tartarus. Some myths say that his blood created the nymphs, satyrs and some other creatures.

In some myths, Chronos killed Ouranos with the help of his four brothers, Iapetus, Hyperion, Koios and Crius. Each of them held down a limb of Ouranos while Chronos chopped him up with the scythe. Chronos gave each of his brothers a corner of the Earth to rule. Iapetus got West, Hyperion got East, Koios got South and Crius got North.

Kronos & Ouranos

A final child[]

After the Titanomachy, Ouranos's remains fell into the sea impregnating Thalassa giving birth to the beautiful girl, Aphrodite. She was brought to Mt. Olympus, and became an Olympian.

Powers & Abilities[]

Uranus was an extremely powerful Protogenoi Deity and a King of the Gods.

  • Unparalleled Caelumkinesis
    • Sky Manipulation
    • Cloud Manipulation
    • Weather Manipulation
      • Storm Manipulation
  • Unparalleled Aerokinesis
    • Air/Wind Manipulation
  • Advanced Psychokinesis
    • Telekinesis
    • Teleportation
    • Flight
  • Protogenoi Physiology
    • Embodiment of the Air, Heavens & Skies
    • Deity Creation
  • Absolute Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Rapid Regeneration
  • Immortality
  • Divine Authority
  • Heaven & Sky Lordship
  • Supreme Power


  • Gaea (Wife and Mother)






Other Names[]

  • Caelus in Roman Mythology
  • Anu in Mesopotamian Mythology
  • Father Sky


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