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Megara (Ancient Greek: Μεγάρα) was the oldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes and the first of Heracles' wives.


Nothing is known of Megara before her marriage to Hercules.

Marriage to Heracles

When Heracles heard that the neighboring kingdom of Thebes had been taken over by Minyans and the army defeated, he led a band of Theban warriors to drive the Minyans out and restore King Creon to the throne. In reward for Heracles' defending Thebes from the Minyans at Orchomenus in single-handed, Creon offered his daughter Megara to Heracles, and he brought her home to the house of Amphitryon, the court of his supposed-father.

Megara's Demise

Megara and Hercules had three sons (though some sources claim eight children): Therimakhus, Deikoon, and Kreontiades. The couple were happy with their family, but Hera, who was always enraged by the dalliances of her husband, Zeus, dedicated herself to making Hercules' life as miserable as she possibly could. Hera struck him with temporary madness, and in his madness, Heracles killed his wife along with their three sons. When he finally regained his saneness, Heracles saw the need to expiate his grave crime or sin, so he went to Delphi to consult with the oracle which led to his performance of the twelve labors.


Creon (father) & Eurydice (mother)

Spouse & Lover

Herakles (husband)