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Created by:
Apollo (previously), Hermes
Metamorphosis, able to cure illness, induce sleep, awaken those slumbering
Other Names
Herald's Staff, Caduceus

The Kerykeion is the weapon of Hermes.


Apollo to Hermes

Just as Hermes had traded the lyre to Apollo for cattle and being made keeper of herds, the Kerykeion came into Hermes possession through trade as well.  Hermes created the instrument known as the Shepherd's Pipes.  Apollo heard them and desired to own them as well so he offered him a golden Herald's Rod (Kerykeion).  From the bargain Hermes also was taught a limited degree of prophecy.


The Kerykeion did not originally have snakes on it. While he was traveling to Arkadia, Hermes saw two snakes with intertwined bodies. It appeared that the snakes were fighting, so he put down the staff between them. The snakes separated and so Hermes then proclaimed that the staff had been appointed to bring peace. Some, in making Kerykeion, put two snakes intertwined on the rod, because this seemed to make Hermes a bringer of peace.

Powers and Abilities

Healing factor.

Use and give the Golden Touch, transforming items and living beings into gold.

Awaken the sleepers or put the awakened into a state of coma.


  • The two intertwined snakes represent the ability to bring peace between two people and bind them by friendship.
  • The Romans called the Kerykeion the Caduceus


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