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In Greek mythologyIapetos (Greek: Ἰαπετός), also Iapetus or Japetus, was a Titan, the son of Ouranos (Uranus) and Gaia, and father of AtlasPrometheusEpimetheus, and Menoitios.

He is a brother of Kronos, who ruled the world during the Golden Age. Iapetos is the Titan lord of the West. His name derives from the word iapto ("wound, pierce") and usually refers to a spear, implying that Iapetus may have been regarded as a god of craftsmanship, though scholars mostly describe him as the god of mortality.


Castration of Ouranos[]

Iapetos and four of his brothers conspired against their father when he had control over the heavens, earth, and Underworld. Iapetos, Krios, Koios, and Hyperion each hid in each of the farthest corners of the earth when Ouranos descended to earth to lie with Gaia. Iapetos and his brothers Koios, Krios & Hyperion grabbed onto Oursnos and Kronos snuck up under him and castrated him. Kronos then became the ruler of the heavens, earth, and Underworld. Iapetus was located in the westernmost part of the earth which is why he rules over the west. This position was eventually taken over by his son, Atlas, as the bearer of the sky.


After the Titanomachy, Iapetos was imprisoned with his brothers in Tartarus. Some myths say that he was eventually released from his prison.His color co-ordination is said to be silver.


Gaia (mother) & Ouranos (father)

Spouse & Lovers[]

Klymene-Asie (wife & niece)


Atlas (Son)
Prometheus (Son)
Epimetheus (Son)
Menoitios (Son)
Ankhiale (Daughter)




  • Iapetus actually means "the piercer".
  • Iapetus' Roman counterpart is called Japetus because there was no "i" in the Roman language.
  • Even though Iapetus is the titan of mortality, his sons created mankind.
  • Iapetus is the only Titan who did not marry a daughter of Gaea


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