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Hermes was the Olympian God of travel, roads, thievery, merchants, athletics, and travelers. He was also the messenger of the Gods. Hermes is the fastest Greek god. His Roman name is Mercury.

When Hermes was an infant, he stole some of Apollo's cattle. In order to make it up to him, Hermes gave Apollo the lyre he had invented.

Hermes was once tasked by Zeus with rescuing Io from Hera. Io was being guarded by Hera's servant, the hundred-eyed monster Argus. In order to rescue Io, Hermes told a long and boring story, so boring that it literally bored Argus to death!

Hermes also played the role of a psychopomp, and as such was tasked with guiding the souls of the dead to his uncle's realm, Hades.

Hermes is usually depicted as a handsome young man with an athletic build. He is often dressed in a toga, but his winged hat and sandals make him easy to identify. Hermes was cheerful, good humored, cunning, and because he was the messenger god he was the fastest of the Olympians.

Hermes' symbols include the Caduceus a leather pouch winged sandals, a rooster and a ram which is his hat.


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