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Aletheia (Or Alathea) was the spirit of truth, truthfulness, and sincerity. She had three opposites; Dolos, the god of trickery, Apate, the goddess of deception, and all the Pseudologoi, the gods of lies. Her Roman name was Veritas. She is either a daughter of Zeus or she was created by Prometheus.

In Aesop's Fables

In this version, Veritas was born when Prometheus decided to to sculpt the form of her, using all his skill so that she would be able to regulate people's behaviour. However, he was summed by Jupiter. This left Dolus, who had recently become an apprentice of his, in charge of the workshop. Fired by ambition, Dolus wanted to make a figure of the same size and appearance as Veritas, even with identical features. He had almost completed the piece, when ran out of clay to use for her feet. Prometheus rentuned, and was amazed at the similarity of the two statues and wanted it to seem as if all the credit where due to his own skill. He put both statues into the kiln, and from there, when thoroughly baked, he infused them both with life. Veritas walked with measured steps, while her twin stood stuck. That forgery, then acquired the name of Mendacium.[1]

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